WW1 Poems

World War 1 poetry is the stuff of a legend. It saw the establishment of war poetry as a genre of writing. The emergence of the term ‘War Poet’ meant for the first time a distinction could be made between poets who wrote about war from a distance and those who drew inspiration directly from their experiences on the frontline.

Poppy in WW1 Cemetery

During World War 1 poets like Edward Thomas, Wilfred Owen and Rupert Brooke were conscripted and drew on their experiences to produce poetry from the trenches. Many of these WW1 poems were published in newspapers and anthologies whilst the conflict was still going on, but others were not seen by the public until after the fighting had ceased.

WW1 poets came from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some were privileged, others were not. A lot of the poets were influenced by the Georgian Poetry Movement, and considered themselves to be very forward thinking. They certainly managed to produce some of the most inspired and moving works of poetry of all time.

List of Famous WW1 Poems