WW1 Casualties

World War 1 was one of the bloodiest wars in all of human history. The number of WW1 causalities varies depending on the source you consult but the following statistics are generally regarded as an accurate representation of ww1 death and casualties.

Image of Wouded British Infantry in WW1

Both Military and Civilian

Deaths: 16.5 million

Wounded: 20 million

Total WW1 Casualties: 35 million +


Deaths: 9.7 million

Wounded: 21.2 million

Prisoners of War and Missing Soldiers: 7.5 million


Deaths as a result of direct military action: 950,000

Deaths caused by disease and famine: 6 million

More Facts

Country with the most military deaths: Germany (2.1 million)

Country with highest total death toll: Russia (3.8 million)

Highest Percentage of population killed: Serbia (16.11%)

250,000 British Soldiers were suffered a partial or full amputation as a result of fighting in the First World War.


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