WW1 Planes

Fokker Scourge

There were approximately 70 different types of planes in WW1.

The Fokker Scourge (a German plane operational from as early as July 1915) was the first fighter plane in history with an “interrupter gear”. This meant a machine gun could be fired through the propeller of the ww1 aircraft without hitting the rotating blades.

The British Royal Flying Corps nicknamed April 1917 “Bloody April” because the losses they suffered in this month were so severe. In just one month the Royal Flying Corps lost 245 ww1 planes, more than 200 pilots and aircrew and at least 100 more were captured and taken as German prisoners of war.

Anti Aircraft Weapons

Image of WW1 Observation Balloon

Both sides fired artillery rounds into the air that released smoke clouds and shrapnel into the air on explosion. The British forces nicknamed these guns “Archie”.

Aircraft Balloons were particularly vulnerable as hydrogen (which was used to inflate them) is extremely flammable. Both sides used special incendiary bullets to exploit this.